Homosexual history in public school? – JAM

“Calfornigaytion”? That was the title of the Ron Hart piece in our local (Winchester, TN) paper Friday, April 29. He is a regular syndicated feature in the Herald Chronicle. This article was centered on the law proceeding through the CA legislature that would make it mandatory for public schools to teach gay, lesbian and transgender history as part of social studies. Very likely it would be taught by highlighting homosexual people of the past who have made contributions to society. This is simply another step towards conditioning culture for wide-spread acceptance of this biblically condemned perversion and to make anyone opposed to it appear malicious, condemning, biased and unjust. Never before has the need for Christian schools been greater! I predict that this will be the law in all states in a few years. That is where we are headed! Unless the Lord steps in and puts a stop to it, I do not see any way we can block it. However, we’ll certainly try. I unquestionably do not want my grandchildren being taught such “history” (substitute “perversion”)! But moving on just a bit, Hart also wrote, “I have long felt gays are born that way . . . .” We hear this over and over. But I want to raise a question. If homosexuality is genetic, an inherited trait or proclivity, would it not come with a self-terminating character? As more and more gays and lesbians pair off, there would be fewer and fewer offspring born who inherit  that gene. In a relatively few generations, it would be completely eliminated! However, the fact is this is a growing phenomena, not declining! Hence, it is obvious it is not something you are born with, it is a learned behavior and a sinful, perverted one as well!

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