House fire brings great loss

Doug and I were coming home from visiting and eating out with a cousin Thursday afternoon. We passed a house that drew our attention. It was no longer there. It had burned.

Doug said, “Look there. That house has burned.” We both were saddened to see the house destroyed by fire. We didn’t know the people who lived in the house, but there was a great loss to a family and it saddened us.

We were riding quietly and my mind was churning about the house, the fire, the loss, the disturbance of the family and other things. Think with me about it, please.

The fire was unexpected. They didn’t know the day or the hour it would happen.
They were unprepared for the fire. Who prepares for a fire, right? They could have been prepared, and perhaps they were, with fire insurance.
The fire caused lots of heartaches. It made them sad.
The fire likely took the most precious worldly possessions they had.
They will never be able to see or hold those prized possessions ever again.
The fire left them with the knowledge that nothing will ever be the same.

As devastating as the fire was in all the above ways, I thought about our souls and how much more devastating it would be to lose them.

Death will come unexpectedly, just like the fire. Death will come whether we are prepared or not. It is coming. Death will cause lots of heartache for loved ones, but far more heartaches for them if we have not made preparation to go to heaven. Death will take us from our loved ones, leaving a void in their lives. Death is final. Things will never be the same once death comes. After death comes the judgment. At death, our destiny is sealed. There is not one more invitation in which to respond. There is no turning around and coming back. No amount of pleading or begging will help. At death, we are headed for eternity, ready or not.

There are lots of similarities between a house fire and a death in the family. Are you ready? You can be, you know. Why not think seriously about your soul’s destiny and prepare for it today? Do you need help in knowing just what to do to be saved? We can help you with that and will be honored to do so. Prepare today and protect yourself with heavenly insurance.