Housekeeping in the room

How do you like the Thanksgiving-themed page? Puts one in the mood for pumpkin pie with a big glob of whipped cream on top. I wonder if the Pilgrims had whipped cream …

We’ll look for our Fellows to post off and on throughout the day (hint). There’s an option, at the bottom of the right column, to get notified by email whenever a new post is published. Also, on the About page (lower right column, again) are the poster guidelines we’ve been able to think up until now.

Now for a tip: besides the search feature and tags to help one find content, clicking on a Fellow’s name in a post will call forth all his posts in one convenient collection.

Sally forth on this Wednesday and ask the Lord, as Mike Riley prayed over on @unitedprayer , “Lord, may we help someone in need so they too can be thankful, in Jesus’ name.” Amen!

#housekeeping, #prayer