How Could I Be Bored?

I have relatives that come on to Facebook and constantly complain about being bored.  Bored people amaze me because it evidences that they are missing so much in life. I don’t remember the last time I was bored, because I prevent it from happening.

Every time I leave the house, I have a book in my hand. If I am close to being finished, I carry two of them. I always listen to audio books in my car, so if I am stuck somewhere I can read or listen to a book. If I am at home, I read, write, watch TV or do things online. How can I be bored?

I have a neglected novel waiting to be noticed, columns to write and a website. I have novels to read for reviews and others to edit. When would I be bored?

I live outside of Savannah, Georgia, the most beautiful city in America. How could I be bored?

I have a family and a house full of pets to love on. How could I be bored? There is so much to do, why sit and do nothing?

Besides, how can someone be bored on the internet? It is possibly the greatest resource for learning man has ever known.  If you are bored on the internet, you are doing it wrong.

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