How long has mankind been digging for metals and jewels?

It’s evident from Genesis 3:17-19 and Genesis 4:2, 12 that mankind has been digging for food from the beginning, but when did we start digging for non-edibles?

Apparently it didn’t take too long before we started placing a certain value on the rocks that were in the way of the vegetables. Furthermore, it apparently didn’t take too long before we started farming for metal whether or not it was in the way of the garden (Genesis 4:22).

If you read the book of Job (believed to be a contemporary of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at the latest) you see that by the time Job lived, mankind had a long-established history of smelting metals and mining for categorized jewels (Job 28:1-6, 15-19).

To this day, mankind has an insatiable appetite for rare-earth metals and jewels. We can’t eat them but we’ll leave no stone unturned to satisfy our hunger! And we’re willing to leave home for dessert. Do you really think there’s a new space-race going on simply because we are interested in education? There’s gold in them there planets and moons!

So how long has mankind been digging for metals and jewels? It seems as if, according to the contextual tone of Job’s words, we have a loooong history of being more interested in digging in the ground for what we want than in God’s word for what we need (Job 28:12-13, 27-28).

You know that from your empty way of life inherited from your ancestors you were ransomed – not by perishable things like silver or gold, but by precious blood like that of an unblemished and spotless lamb, namely Christ.” (1 Peter 1:18-19 NET)

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