How to help people forsake sin

On Wednesday night I got some ideas from a text used only briefly by the teacher. Jotted down a six-point outline of how to help people abandon sin. The audience was Israel, the speaker, Samuel, in 1Sam 12.20-25.

Sorry, but it came out in Portuguese, and I posted it on our Brazilian church site. Maybe sometime I’ll get it into English, but if not, it’s well worth your attempting one of those horrid translators. That’s how much I liked it. Yeah, even if it was mine.

OK, I ran it through the translator and it was decent. I cleaned it up just for you, so here’s how, following Samuel’s sermon, to help people forsake sin and follow the Lord.

  • Give people who live in sin a vision of repentance (20-21). You can turn from sin and succeed in the rejection of transgression.
  • Emphasize God’s faithfulness (22). His faithfulness inspires in us the same.
  • Make continuous prayer for the people (23). The apostles joined prayer and ministry of the Word (Acts 6.4).
  • Provide instruction in the good and right way of God (23). People do not know by instinct what is right.
  • Remind people of what God has done (24). Today, his action is focused on Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.
  • Give warning about the consequences of persisting in sin (25). Sin destroys!

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