How’s Your Spritual Health

We spend a lot of time taking are of our physical health,and well we should. But what about our spiritual condition? In John’s 3rd Epistle he prays that Gaius’ physical health would parallel his spiritual condition.

Gaius’ spiritual health seems to have excelled a his physical health. His heavenly bank account had more riches in it than his earthly one. How often do we find this to be the case in a Christian’s life?

John had no greater joy than to hear that those that he had converted were walking in the truth.

It seems clear that Gaius’ spiritual health was excellent. Here are some of the ways we see this.

  1. Gaius walk matched his talk.
  2. He had a good report from the brethren (3 John 3)
  3. All of his spiritual vital signs were good.
  4. He was in great shape from walking daily in the truth (3 John 4). Someone noted that he had not only taken the first step of with, but he was walking in the truth.
  5. His reputation for practicing what he preached was exemplary. John’s commendation of him centers not only in the fact he knew the truth but he faithfully practiced it.

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