HTH and Evangelism

A dear lady in our community has been receiving House to House (HTH) for a good while. She is so pleased with the publication that she is now giving her (at one time) continued support of Franklin Graham to the Highway Church of Christ (where I attend). I send her a letter (receipt) each month with various tracts. She enjoys receiving them. When I sought a visit with her, she told me she was not quite ready for that (I will need to inquire again).

We have been mailing HTH for at least 6 years. What a great avenue for getting the message out into each home. It costs money, but it is well worth it (and not much money at that!). Out town is small enough that we can cover the entire town (of about 5,000). Couple that with our weekly article and various letters to the editor, and much good is being done in “small-town”Illinois.