HTH success stories

Here’s one recently posted by the House-to-House friends.

Carthage, MS: Bill Hettick wrote, "One of the new converts at their congregation works on an off shore oil rig. He takes a few extra copies of HtH and leaves in the common area of the rig. Brother Hettick has received requests for more information and tracts from individuals who have picked these up and read them on the rig. Most have been from out of state but he is so glad and willing to answer their questions and send them what ever information they request. The Gospel is being spread! Rob Whitacre with the Willette church of Christ shares this good news with us. We used HtH in our door knocking campaign last fall. It opened several doors and led to three (3) baptisms. Without it, we would not have gotten our foot in the door. Today, because of HtH, three souls worship God every Lord’s day."

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