Hugh’s News & Views (Assorted Blessings)


(Note: My post-Thanksgiving “News & Views” comes from the pen of Neal Pollard, via the bulletin of the Calvert City, Kentucky Church of Christ where my friend Lance Cordle has preached for many years. Neal is the able preacher for the Bear Valley Church of Christ in Denver, Colorado and an insightful writer. His article reminds me of a popular song of a past generation, “Little Things Mean a Lot,” though many of the things he mentions are not little. Read what he has said, reflect on your blessings, and continue to be grateful. hf).

Running water. Electricity. A stove. A microwave.

Family sanity. Health. Domestic tranquility. Health care.

Dexterity. Opposable thumbs. Involuntary muscle movement.

Singing. Friends. Children. Parents.

Nature. Mountains. Breezes. Fireplaces. Automobiles.

Law enforcement. Aspirin. Hot water. Showers.

Eyesight. Clothing. Emotions.

Dogs. Sunsets. Siblings. The ocean. Companionship.

Passion. Nerve endings. Shelter. Rocking chairs.

Reading. Running. Refrigerators. Board games.

Evangelism. Firefighters. Pockets. Paved highways.

Ozone. Cotton. Kindness. Shoes. Trees. Songbirds.

Smiles. Waves. The wisdom of the aged. Elders.

Dentists. Coffee. Babies. Modesty. Make-up. Music.

Lights. Stars. Comfortable chairs. Eyeglasses. Leftovers.

Devotionals. Airplanes. Sunrise. FedEx. Interstates. Telephones.

Fresh, hot homemade bread. GPS. Front porch swings.

Memories. Fertile fields. Prayer. Reading comprehension.

Hearing. Smelling. Touching. Tasting.

Harmony. Trust. Forgiveness. Wedding cake.

Teachers. A spirit of cooperation. Sunglasses.

Charity. Soap. Good neighbors. Fresh fruit. Beds.

Fireflies. Encouragement. Imagination.

The Lord’s church. Thread. Belts. Livestock.

Peace and quiet. Laughter. Pain.

Flowers. Hikes. Language. Swallowing. Breathing. Teeth.

The Bible. Maps. Love. Blankets. Wildlife.

Humor. Curtains. Bedspreads. Snow. Sunshine. Rain. Clouds.

Hope. Canned goods. Grandparents. Fellowship.

Heaven. Providence. The cross.

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow” (James 1:17).

Hugh Fulford

November 28, 2017

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