Hugh’s News & Views (Merry Christmas)



Today is Christmas Eve, and in keeping with our family tradition, our son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren are at our house for brunch, gift exchange, general visiting and just enjoying being with one another. Tomorrow morning we will gather at the home of our daughter-in-law’s parents in Gladeville, Tennessee (The Glade) for a Christmas breakfast of country ham and all the accoutrements and another round of gift exchanges with her mother and daddy and her two brothers and their families. Jan and I will return home later in the day with a sack full of various kinds of goodies.

What a joyous and delightful and noisy time of the year! But, hey, it’s Christmas and kids will be kids and sometime adults also will be kids! How wonderful! To one and all, Jan and I wish you a very Merry Christmas! Tonight may ol’ Santa fill your stocking with joy, peace, and contentment . . . enough to last throughout the coming year.

Hugh Fulford

December 24, 2013

#christmas, #hughfulford