Hugh’s News & Views (The Nashville Road Church . . . )


Jan and I are very pleased, privileged, and honored to be members of the Nashville Road Church of Christ, 3.4 miles from our home here in Gallatin, TN. After 42 ½ years of full-time ministry, we moved to Gallatin in 2000 where I continued to preach at other congregations on a part-time basis for over 18 years. During these years we have always considered Nashville Road our home base. Now that I am retired from every Sunday preaching (though still active in gospel meetings, lectureships, special speaking engagements, and writing), we are happy to be full-time members at Nashville Road.

This congregation was formerly known as the Number One Church of Christ because it is located in what at one time was known as the Number One community. Our volunteer fire department is still called the Number One Volunteer Fire Department. Foy E. Wallace, Jr. conducted a series of meetings at this church in February of 1967 and the sermons were published in a volume titled Number One Gospel Sermons. I have owned this treasured volume for 50 years and profited from the great sermons found in it.

N. B. Hardeman preached at Number One on many occasions. Dock Campbell, a member of the Nashville Road church, now 90 + years old and confined to a nursing home, told me a few years ago that the smartest preacher he ever heard was Foy E. Wallace, Jr. and the best speaker he ever heard was N. B. Hardeman. Dock himself is no slouch of a Bible student.

J. B. Gaither preached at Number One for 18 years (1949-1967). Charles R. Williams has preached at Nashville Road for the past almost 20 years, but stepped away from the pulpit about a year ago. Andrew Spivey, a very able young man, a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University, is now our preacher and doing a magnificent job. Andrew continues to also serve as the church’s youth minister. Charles Williams remains on the ministerial staff in a full-time capacity as involvement minister. We are fortunate to have Charles and Jackie. Charles is a great student of the Scriptures and an extraordinary teacher. He teaches both the Sunday morning and Wednesday night auditorium adult Bible classes, currently leading us through extremely interesting and informative studies of I & II Corinthians and Daniel respectively. Charles supplements his oral presentations with extensive outlines and a host of other materials, all designed to help the student grasp the meaning of the divine text and make application of it to his life. Tim Strickland serves as a part-time associate minister of the congregation.

The Nashville Road church is led by six good elders—men who are sound in the faith and solid in every way, men who know their work and who faithfully and effectively do their work as pastors of the flock. Brother James Spivey served as an elder for 26 years but recently stepped aside for health reasons. We are fortunate, however, to still have access to brother Spivey’s vast wisdom and knowledge. On Sunday, April 7, the church honored him with a beautiful plaque in appreciation of his many years of faithful service, followed by a bountiful fellowship meal attended by the entire congregation. The church is served by six dedicated deacons who function as Bible deacons are supposed to function. The church spends 80% of its budget ($7000 per week) on preaching the gospel, both locally and in missions. Nashville Road is not a large church by some standards (around 175 – 200 on Sunday mornings for worship), but it is big in every way that really counts.

There are many other good congregations of the Lord in Sumner County, TN, served by good elders, deacons, preachers, and teachers. Jan and I have been privileged to visit with many of them, and I have preached at one time or another (meetings or other engagements) in most of them (including two meetings and numerous other preaching engagements at Nashville Road itself), and we love them all. But we especially love the Nashville Road church and are proud to be a part of it! It is Number One in our book!

Hugh Fulford

April 23, 2019