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On Sunday morning, January 20, 2019, at the Nashville Road Church of Christ in Gallatin, TN, Charles Williams preached a great sermon from Nehemiah 9 about our awesome God. Charles served as the pulpit preacher at Nashville Road for 18 years and continues as the church’s minister of involvement. He is a great student of the Scriptures, a great preacher, a great teacher, and a wonderful friend and brother in the Lord. Jan and I are privileged to be members of this wonderful, loving church. Following are the highlights of his outstanding sermon.

1. He alone is the LORD; He is the only God (9:6).

2. He is the creator of all things (9:6)

3. He is the God who makes covenants with human beings and who keeps His covenant, who always does what He promised (9:8,32,33).

4. He is the God who destroys His enemies (9:10-11).

5. He is the God who punishes His people when they rebel against Him (9:27,28,30).

6. He is the God who communicates with men, giving them good laws (9:13-14).

7. He is the God who instructs by His Sprit (9:20).

8. He is the God who spoke to His people by His Spirit in the prophets and admonished them (9:30).

9. He is the God who forgives because He is a God who is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness (9:17,19,31-32).

10. He is the God who not only forgives but delivers His people (9:27-28).

11. He is the God who meets the needs of His people (9:20-21).

12. He is the God who is good and demonstrates that “great goodness” (9:25, 36).

13. He is the God who is great, mighty, and awesome (9:32).

14. He is the God who is just, who deals fairly with people; those who are punished deserve their chastisement (9:33).

15. He is the God whose laws are described as good, just, and true (9:13-14).

What do these truths say about us?

1. We have been wonderfully made.

2. We are greatly blessed with material things.

3. We have sinned.

4. We have a gracious, merciful, and forgiving God.

5. We have a place prepared for us by the Savior.

6. We must be ready when He comes again.

Read Nehemiah 9, reflect on its great thoughts, receive hope, comfort, and encouragement from it (hf).

Hugh Fulford

August 20, 2019

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