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1. That the fruit Eve ate in the Garden of Eden was an apple?

2. That there are many ways to heaven?

3. That baptism is a work of human merit?

4. That baptism is not essential to salvation?

5. That sprinkling and pouring are acceptable “modes” of baptism?

6. That any preacher was ever addressed as Reverend?

7. That all churches are acceptable to God and that one is as good as another?

8. That there were three wise men who visited the child Jesus?

9. That one is saved by faith only?

10. That all one has to do to be saved is to say the Sinner’s Prayer?

11. That once a person is saved he/she is always saved?

12. That one should just let his conscience be his guide in religious matters?

13. That as long as one lives a good moral life he/she will be saved without being a member of the church?

14. That women served as apostles, preachers, and elders in the church?

15. That preachers should be called pastors?

16. That babies should be baptized?

17. That the bread and fruit of the vine on the Lord’s Table become the literal body and blood of Christ when blessed by a priest?

18. That it is alright for Christians to be divided into various denominations?

19. That there is nothing in a name and that it does not make any difference what name one wears religiously?

20. That one can be a good Christian without attending the services of the church and engaging in specified acts of worship?

21. That the early church used instrumental music in its worship?

22. That one can marry and divorce for any reason and for as many times as one may desire, and the subsequent marriage(s) will still be acceptable to the Lord?

23. That the Bible cannot be understood?

24. That we can all interpret the Bible differently because it says different things to different people?

25. That Christianity is a constantly evolving thing, and people may change and “adjust” the Bible to meet the changing opinions, attitudes, and actions that take place in the world down through the centuries?

Like the Bereans, we need to search the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so (Acts 17:11).

Hugh Fulford, November 3, 2020

Speaking Schedule: November 8: Campaign Church of Christ, Campaign, TN (11:00 a.m.)

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