Humor in the Bible is Allowed

I have mentioned humor in the Bible and received some skeptical looks. Others seem to be thinking  I had lost my mind. There is so need for that.

Humor is completely human and Scripture would be remiss not to include it. We laugh, use sarcasm and puns. God does the same thing. If we are a linguist, we will see sarcasm and puns all through Scripture.

When I studied the book of Job at Freed-Hardeman, Dr. Clyde Woods had a lot of fun with the book. He was deep, penetrating, compassionate and tender.

He pointed out Job 12:2 and shared how much humor he found in it. Job sarcastically refers to his “friends” and says, “No doubt you are the people, and wisdom will die with you!” I find that to be truly funny. But through the fifteen years that have passed, brethren never laugh at that passage when I mention it. I don’t know if they just don’t get it or they fear that laughing would be sacrilegious. I fear it is a little of both. If it is the latter, we have developed a misunderstanding of God.

As I have said, I listen to the New Testament on CD and I picture Jesus smiling and laughing often. When Nathanael meets Jesus in John 1:43-51, I imagine Jesus laughing and putting his arm around Nathanael before he says verse 50. Maybe he even walked a little farther and turned and faced him and said verse 51, which was more serious. Anyway, I imagine Jesus laughing. What is wrong with that? Nothing.

I appreciate the other input the Fellows have given on this nudge. I hope others will add their thoughts. Let us always laugh. It is a gift of God.  🙂

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