I actually enjoy flying. On a clear day …

I actually enjoy flying. On a clear day the prospective from that height is like none other. Cars, highways, buildings, landscapes, rivers, oceans, all the movement and hustle and bustle seem so surreal. From the sky I feel very detached from it all. It’s quite peaceful to me. To see the coast at night outlined by lights along the shore or the glow from small towns and large cities all hold my attention.

It’s also fun to see the clouds from the top side. The blue and white can be so intense you can barely keep your eyes open. Storms, however, can be a different story.

I’ve had some turbulence on a few flights. Most of the time just a little jostling around for 10 or 20 minutes. Usually, not any longer than that.

The one exception was a flight to Texas some years back. I was to fly into a major airport, Dallas or Houston, when just before landing a huge thunderstorm developed and the airport closed. We were circling around until they opened the airport. Then once opened we would make a dive for the airport. Bouncing down through the storm cloud was bad enough, but the airport closed again before we could land, so we had to bounce back up out of it. We did that 3 times.

They finally diverted the flight to San Antonio which just happened to be my destination. So it all worked out. That was the one time I was glad to get back down on the ground!