I am blessed to be…

I am blessed to be a part of the AudioEvangelism.com ministry. Although my gifted co-laborer Patrick English and I got it started in January 2005, there are many (specifically the Clinton and Sunnyside congregations) who pitch in (with their time and money) to make this outreach ministry what it is. I’m thrilled that AE is still doing good in the kingdom after all this time!

For nearly 10 years now we’ve been mailing out audio CDs completely free of charge to those who request them. We used to burn them in-house but now have them professionally replicated and labeled for 30 cents a disc. The CDs contain Bible study lessons on a variety of topics and themes. This afternoon I updated this map from our request database. We’ve had requests from 49 states (still nothing from North Dakota!) and 128 countries/territories! I learn something about geography every time I update the map. The website had an average of over 1100 visitors daily for the first quarter of this year. Please consider studying God’s word with us daily, as others have been doing all over the globe. Lessons are posted everyday except Sunday and they are brief (usually 4-5 minutes). To God be the glory!

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