I am not sure if I have a favorite proph…

I am not sure if I have a favorite prophet; I just finished reading Isaiah, and now in Jeremiah. Jeremiah has always been an interesting man to me. I think I was encouraged to give thought to him by other preachers who remarked on him. Through the years, I have come to think the same.

He is interesting to me because he was a prophet of God, though somewhat reluctantly. He was a prophet of God who preached and preached and seemed to have little “success,” if we measure success by the numbers. However, from the Lord’s vantage point – he was most successful.

Preachers today measure success, in part, by the numbers who attend the assembly. Perhaps there some warrant to this. OTH, if the result was the same that Jeremiah experienced, would we consider the preacher “successful”? I relate with this sentiment very well; I wonder.

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