I Am Resolved

The first thing I plan to do Monday morning is switch internet providers. This last week was the last straw. Perhaps some of you were wondering why I dropped off the “internet” face of the earth. I just couldn’t get the pages to load most of the time. It gets old paying for high speed but getting lower quality than dial-up. While it’s not really part of my annual resolutions I am resolved to make this change none the less.

This year I plan to streamline and declutter and to put rules in place to curb any new buildup.

I plan to restore margin back into my daily living. I have attempted this one before with some success, but it’s easy to fall back into old habits.

The biggest and most important resolution is to block out more time for Bible reading, writing and prayer. It might seem odd to place this one last, but hear me out. I have seen in the lives of others and especially in my own life two problems that keep us from setting aside time for God–too many things and too many commitments.

With God as my witness and my helper, I will bring these under control by the end of 2010.

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