I can count on my fingers the number of …

Big groups? I can count on my fingers the number of super large events I have attended. I’d like to keep it that way. I did go to Chicago’s Soldier Field for a Promise Keepers’ event. How many were there? I don’t know, but the 66,000 seat stadium was all but full. It might have been the 1996 one according to what I read online. I’ll recount for you my experience.

Luis Palau was the first speaker. He went on and on hammering every freewill bone in my body. He didn’t make good arguments, but his emotionally driven plea affected a lot of people. If I hadn’t come up on a bus, I would have left at that point.

Crawford Loritts gave an excellent talk. I don’t know his background, but I was very impressed. He spoke in the clearest of terms about getting control of lustful behaviors.

What they called music in worship was mostly annoying. The constant din of the instruments made worship all but impossible. One song was sung a cappella, _Be Thou My Vision_. I think everyone, myself included, was moved as 60,000+ guys sang the great hymn. It’s sad more were not sung this way.

I’m afraid most were so accustomed to the instrument, they didn’t realize the simple vocal worship made the song so much more beautiful than it would have ever been with instruments. Not that the beauty of the sound is the important thing. A faith that obeys is what matters.

Real faith trusts what God says. When it comes to Christian worship, God simply says sing. So we just sing, not play. It’s really not a hard concept. It’s just hard to obey since for many it’s not what’s wanted.

Near the end coach Bill McCartney stood up and shouted out to a smattering of guys leaving, to sit down now and stay in their seats until it was over. That’s when I got up and left. It reminded me of the time Moses overstepped his authority by striking the rock. Not that McCartney should be compared to Moses except that he was out of line. I’m sure he often spoke like that to his team, but we weren’t his team. More people should called his hand.

Overall, I’m glad I went. It was interesting, and I was able to glean some things from it.

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