I Don’t Care About the Constitution…

This video deals with the health care bill. However,  it makes a great point  illustrating what we are dealing with in the Church.  Democrat Phil Hare of Illinois admits that he doesn’t know or care what the Constitution says about the health care bill.

In the church today, we have a lot of  brethren who feel the same way about many spiritual issues and doctrines. They know what they want to do and don’t really care whether the Bible authorizes it or not.  Wayne Jackson calls this, “results oriented dogma.”  If it works, we will find a way to rationalize it. As a result, God is completely forgotten in the process.

The Emerging Church, which completely disregards Biblical authority, is the logical extension of this  mindset. And their heresies are spreading like wildfire.

We must all be diligent to adhere to Biblical authority in everything (Colossians 3:17;  2 Timothy 3:16-17; Galatians 1:9).

Listen carefully to his story about the child whose parents don’t have insurance. That is a tragedy but notice something important. Because the kids need help, that, in itself,  authorizes overriding the Constitution. Does that not sound like those in the church who have developed the idea that we can do anything we want in the church as long as it maintains the interests of the children?  Regardless of what the Scriptures say about it?

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