I dread pointing out any kind of error to my fellow Christians

Unfortunately, more often than not, I’ve found that many brethren simply do not want to receive any kind of edification that requires changing what they are doing. I’ve been bitten by brethren more often than I can count. Even gently approaching issues from a standpoint of “have you considered what the Bible says here”, rather that being blunt has yielded poor reactions, which as Randal has pointed out, result in the messenger being attacked. I know full well it is my duty as a Christian to help my brethren, but I fear many suffer from heart disease. We all need to be of the heart of David, willing to honestly self-examine and change at the drop of a hat because we want to please our God. Being one who abhors confrontation to the point I get physically ill from it, the reaction of brethren in such cases has caused me to dread obeying this command.

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