I have been involved for the last few ye…

I have been involved for the last few years in helping out at Woodland Bible Camp in Indiana. The week that I have been on staff is “Senior Citizen Week.” It is for those 50 or over, so when I first started coming in 2002 or 2003, I was barely over the limit, and still am usually one of the youngest (I’m 57). My activities include audio/video recording of the sessions of teaching and preaching, as well as the congregational singing. I compile the week on DVDs. I also have taken over for an older brother who has health problems as the unofficial photographer– I take all kinds of pics and then put them on a photo CD.

As one song I heard a few years ago says, “There Is Room In The Kingdom For All.” So, no matter how small or large your part in the Lord’s church, He will richly bless you. Keep looking up! Jesus may come today!