I just spent three hours in the street t…

I just spent three hours in the street trying to find a brother from another city who was going to catch the bus and come visit tonight. Either he saw the highway traffic was heavy and decided not to come, or he slept on the bus past the point he was supposed to get off at. (I told him to get off at Walmart instead of going all the way in to the bus station.) But I also went twice to the bus station and he wasn’t there. His cell phone is busy. We may have had problems with our home phone, since I tried to call from the street to home and it didn’t ring through. Anyway, I hope he’s OK … Oh, the joys of the big city.

Update: There was extremely heavy rain, flooding, electricity down, in much of Sao Paulo this afternoon, so it’s very likely he didn’t make it into SP to catch his bus here.