I keep a good attitude

I have to admit that I spent too many years having a bad attitude. But then one day I heard a speaker say that when you had a bad attitude about something that someone else did, you were letting that person rule you. As a single woman, I have quite an aversion to being ruled 🙂 So this was an important revelation to me.

His solution was to let yourself fuss and fume for one half hour.  That’s all.  Just 30 minutes. And then get back to doing what you were doing and being what you wanted to be.

Sounds easy. But it’s not. How do you make that 30 minute transformation?

Here are some of the things that I think about to get myself on the right track:

I remember how short my life is and that I don’t want to waste a minute of it feeling down or upset.

I remember my purpose: to serve God. And I can’t do that effectively if I don’t have a good attitude.

I remember that I have more power to overcome than I ever take advantage of just by a whispered prayer.

And in a totally pragmatic way, I remember that activity heals.

Time to get back to work.