I know this is off the subject of the da…

I know this is off the subject of the day, but since I work in the educational establishment, I thought I’d share the following comments made by Ramnath Subramanian, a sixth-grade science teacher at Eastwood Knolls School here in El Paso.


He’s pretty well nailed down the problem of our present educational system, designed to “dumb-down” our children in order keep them under the “thumb” of “Big Brother.”

George Orwell wasn’t too far off in his predictions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nineteen_Eighty-Four

One other observation: This “dumbing down” of our society will have a major impact on the future of the Lord’s church – in fact, it’s already having a major impact. We have more members today who are virtually ignorant of the Scriptures, than we’ve seen in the past 50 years. If we don’t start teaching and preaching from the Book, this trend will continue to grow.

Something to seriously think about!

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