I live with my 88 yr old aunt and help h…

I live with my 88 yr old aunt and help her in many areas. Last summer, she fell and fractured her hip–spent 100 days in rehab and came home the middle of October. In a related note, my job with security company, the place where I was stationed , the company lost contract. So, I was not working when she came home. I believe the fact that I was able to give full-time to helping her was beneficial . I took off for medical leave to take care of her– I believe that trial, helping her more and more, has helped me grow as a person– to care enough to put your love into practice– to have to do most of things around house. Also, the Lord had blessed that we had some extra funds saved up, so we were/are able to make ends meet.

I’m back to work–though not at 40 hrs–keep both of us in prayers. She is able with a walker to get around the house and do a lot of things by herself. Sorry for the rambling answer

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