I received one of those viral emails thi…

I received one of those viral emails this morning with a holiday season joke, intended to make people remember the “meaning of the Christmas season”. It ended with the thought that Jesus started Christmas.

I find it very interesting that so many would fall for this notion. Jesus did not start Christmas. Christmas is not even in the Bible. Man started Christmas centuries after Jesus was crucified. God has told us so much about His Son and His love for us, all through His divine word. It seems reasonable to think that if God had wanted us to celebrate His Son’s birthday, He would have told us to do so. Yet He did not. He certainly had plenty of opportunity to do so and gave us instructions on so many other things. Perhaps the reason for this omission is that what God really wants is for us to remember Jesus ALL the time, rather than just this time of year, as do so many in the world.

Just something to think about this holiday season.

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