I Stood at the Grave

Perhaps you have visited the gravesite of some prominent historical character. Maybe in New England you visited the cemetery where one of the founding “fathers” lies entombed. Maybe you have visited an historical site in the South and seen the grave of some Civil War hero. Perhaps you have traveled to Europe and seen the tomb of some royalty of whom you had only read in a history book. Or maybe you have gone to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington and seen the markers on a host of war dead. Maybe you have gone to Restoration History sites and seen where some of our religious forebears were buried. But whether or not we have visited such sites, most of us have gone to the grave of a dear loved one, stood there in grief, and mourned the passing of someone whom we deeply loved. Perhaps the following can be said of most of us. I stood at the grave and… (Click here to read entire article at The Proclaimer)