Is there any wonder….?

Is there any wonder why we are confused?

Psychiatrists Consider More Changes to Sexual Definitions

The American Psychiatric Association is planning to once again change its manual that doctors use to diagnose mental illness. And the public comment period for the changes to the group’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is drawing to a close.

Susan Wright, spokesperson with a sexual activist group called the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, said her organization is eager to see changes made concerning sexual issues such as cross-dressing and fetishes. “We know it’s not a mental illness; it’s just a different way to have sex,” she said. “As long as it’s consensual and as long as you’re not harming someone, it should be perfectly fine.”

Geremy Keeton, a licensed marriage and family therapist who helps clients dealing with issues of sexuality and sexual addictions, disagrees with changing the definitions. “These disorders are progressive, and early diagnosis and early treatment prevent more havoc in individuals’ lives,” he said. “We’re robbing individuals of early treatment by changing the thresholds for diagnosing these disorders. … This is obviously about normalizing non-normative sexual behaviors. We’re hearing that from the sexual-activist groups in their memos, in their e-mails and in their own talking points.”

In contrast to its relaxed proposals regarding these sexual behaviors, there is a news link on the APA’s Web site to an article that labels bullying as a “mental health problem,” along with several other links on the topic. [,]

This from the Pastor’s Weekly Briefing (PWB), May 7, 2010

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