I’d be more grateful for what God has d…

I’d be more grateful for what God has done for me in forgiving me and for brethren who helped me to grow in my faith. I owe so much to the Lord and to His servants who have blessed my life. I would cultivate in my heart a greater gratitude for God’s goodness.

I’d forget Phil more and think of Christ more (John 3:30). I’d be more sensitive to others and especially to the lost who need the Lord. I would speak the truth in love more often and more effectively. I would learn everything I could about the Bible so that I might share more effectively with others. I would forget ambition and pursue service. I would fight the temptation to be proud, which is the scourge of preaching.

I’d take more time to think of brotherhood. I would learn how to love better, how to forgive more quickly, how to encourage more often, how to warn when needed, how to be a peacemaker, and how to be gentle.

I would pay more attention to reading the Old Testament.

I would take a long, long look at the cross and at the empty tomb.