If they could put a man on the moon…

They ought to be able to simplify the tax code!

I’m in favor of eliminating all taxes except one–sales tax. I realize it would have to be raised from 6.75% here in Clinton up to 20% (or higher), but that’d be fine by me.

Businesses are already in the habit of collecting them and remitting them to the government (so it’d be a simple change for them). No longer would we have to pay income tax, property tax, etc.

It’s the fairest tax, too. If you don’t want to pay taxes, just don’t buy anything! Simple enough. If you buy luxury items (that cost a lot), you’ll pay a lot of tax on them.

About 95% of the IRS could immediately shut down. I realize this would cost many jobs, but I, for one, would welcome the change!

Anybody with me on this?

#nudge, #taxes