If the world were perfect

The Forthright.net site has been down since early Sunday morning, at least. We’ve contacted the webmaster, so we wait for a fix. Pray the Lord will bring it back to us intact, and soon.

Troy and Andrea fly to Paraguay on Friday. We’re reading his Culture Shock Chronicles closely. And remembering those times long ago when we went through that process. We pray for them as they go.

Barbara and I are talking about a redesign and move for the Forthright Press site, considering options, doing a better job of the business side of our ministry.

I’ve mentioned to her about putting up a PayPal link here if anybody wanted to help defray expenses. Asking for money on the web is a horrendous thing in my mind, especially evangelistic sites that seek to reach those outside of Christ. But since this site is dedicated to saints, I feel less negative. Only slightly so.

The number of visits to TFR is growing. For five straight days, upwards. I’ve seen the Fellows putting out the word on Twitter and Facebook, and I’m sure sharing the good news elsewhere. It’s making a difference.

And I followed one guru’s advice and pulled Google’s feed on “church of Christ” to insert in the lower right column. That feed will show up on the sites listed and, one hopes, pull them in to visit and enjoy our offerings. I hope the guru knows what he’s talking about.

That listing excludes the word “united,” as in United Church of Christ, but other not so desirable sites are seeping through. Part of the deal, however, not much we can do there. You’ll just have to exercise your judgment in clicking and reading offsite.

The Recent Comments section is not providing proper links. Serving, for the moment, as a mere announcement of who has commented on which posts.

If the world were perfect, … but then today’s reading reminds us that even the bad things that happen (prison!) serves for the “progress of the gospel.” Amen!

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