Illustration: Commitment

How committed are you to God’s cause?  Consider the following illustration:


Sitting majestically atop the highest hill in Toledo, Spain, is the Alcazar, a 16th‑century fortress. In the civil war of the 1930s, the Alcazar became a battleground when the Republicans tried to oust the Nationalists, who held the fortress. During one dramatic episode of the war, the Nationalist leader, Col. Jose Moscardo, received a phone call from the Republicans.

Col. Moscardo was informed that his son Luis had been captured by the Loyalists. The ultimatum: if Moscardo didn’t surrender the Alcazar to them within 10 minutes, they would kill his son. The father weighed his options and asked to speak with his son, who asked what he should do.

After a long pause, with a heavy heart, he said to his son, “…Then die like a man.”

The son’s reply?  “That is quite simple; both I will do.”

—Daily Walk, April 16, 1992—

Moral: Many of our love ones may be captured by the forces of Satan and it seems that our only option is surrender in order to maintain our relationship of family. Yet, there must be a Higher commitment to remain within the place of refuge where God calls all men.

Have you made the clear choice?

…and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever” (Psa. 23:6).

(via Glenn & Mercedes Hitchcock, “Thoughts For Today To Brighten Your Day”)

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