Illustration: The Battle Against Lust

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In Greek mythology, the Sirens were seductress, mermaid-like creatures who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.  The Greek hero Odysseus had to sail by this dangerous vortex and, in order not to plunge into ruin, come up with a plan.  According to author Kim Luret,
“Odysseus instructed his crew to first plug their ears with beeswax and once that was done, to tie him securely to the mast.  His orders were strict–the sailors were not to remove the wax from their ears, nor respond to him in any way until the ship had safely passed the island of the Sirens.
As they got within earshot of the Sirens, Odysseus became as a man possessed. He had never heard anything so alluring or beautiful. He was utterly captivated and began fighting against the ropes, shouting impassioned orders for the crew to turn the ship towards the island.  Unable to hear his commands, the sailors ignored him. They hunched over their oars and rowed with a fury.
This infuriated Odysseus.  He threatened execution to all who disobeyed his orders to free him at once and turn the ship around.  But the sailors neither heard him nor cared. They had made an agreement in advance to report to and obey the real Odysseus, not this inflamed creature who’d gone temporarily mad. Their orders came from truth and reason, not from a lie and insanity. And by sticking to their pre-planned agreement, captain and crew got out alive.
Once they’d made a safe distance from that dangerous place, the sailors removed the beeswax from their ears and untied their captain. No longer within earshot of the Sirens, Odysseus was himself again. And he thanked his crew for staying true to the orders from his real self.”
For many men, the situation Odysseus found himself in is akin to the fight against lust.  If we don’t take radical steps to protect ourselves, we’ll shipwreck our lives.  Here are 10 practical ways to help in your battle against sexual lust.

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