I’m alive

Contrary to rumor, I am actually alive and kicking. My kick may not be as strong, but still there. Arrived US last Wed., spoke that night to congregation where my sister worships, Thursday to missionary retreat, where I spoke on Friday, then Saturday to Shoals Area Mission Forum, speaking again (photo, right, by Sandra Moore), Sunday morning at Iuka church where I talked to elders, lunch with mother-in-law, then spoke Sunday night at Acton church in Michie TN.

Saw my boys yesterday for a bit, then back to Paragould today to my parents’, which serves for the moment as base of operations. Had a full nights’ sleep last night first time in over a week, really needed that.

I’m resting today and trying to figure out where to go from here. Pray some doors will open up. So far, not much.

Thanks, Richard for doing that Nudge. Shame on everybody for getting quiet in my absence. Keep at it! People are reading and want to be encouraged and inspired. You’re good at that. I know y’all.

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