I’m square

In high school I received from the principal a motivational book that used Jesus’ life as a model. (Those were different times in 1974.) It encouraged us to be well-developed people in every area of life. Luke 2:52 was a key verse: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and with people” (NET).

From that verse, the author (whose name I can’t recall, nor the title of the book — it’s in my parents’ attic) drew four areas of life and put each of them in the side of a square: mental, physical, spiritual, social.

I’ve always remembered that.

Somebody might argue that the emotional side is missing. But the wisdom/mental could take that in, for emotions are the product of one’s thinking. Or even work with it from the social side, since emotions are usually the expression of interaction with others.

However that may be, the idea is to be a complete person. The joke about the geek is that he knows lots of code, but little of people.

For a Christian, having Jesus as our model provides us with a clear objective and, following Luke 2:52, presents us with the challenge of being whole people in a terribly broken world. It is that wholeness, that completeness, that gives us strength and allows us to be servants of good in a realm of evil.

So to answer yesterday’s Nudge, I’m a square. And I pray to have equidistant sides with exact angles, to represent the perfect squareness of wholeness and maturity in Christ.

#integrity, #maturity, #wholeness