I’m very unhappy with the vote, yesterd…

I’m very unhappy with the vote, yesterday. Oddly enough, we’re heading for Mayo Clinic this morning. Now there’s a medical group that has their act together. They provide the highest quality, efficient health care–and cheaper than any hospital in nearby Peoria or Bloomington, IL. I hope we are still able to choose them as an option for health care after the smoke clears. My fear is I will pay the cost for government health care and then I will have “the choice” to go to Mayo’s. but it won’t be paid for out of the government system, but will be extra out of my pocket. It’s not a “choice” I can afford.

If health care and system of government were the bottom line I would be devastated, but I’m not! I know my God is in control. I will trust Him to see that my needs, not wants, are met.

Despite all the constant discouraging news of irrational spending and exploding deficits I have never placed my hope in government. Strip away everything I have earned over my lifetime and I still have a reason to live. Jesus is the reason for my hope. It is His love that compels me. Complete satisfaction is found in Him. What more could I ask for?

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