Important Biblical Passages

Randal asked us to list some great memory verses. Instead, I will list 10 passages that are required reading and study for God’s people.

1.  Romans 5 – The heart of the plan of salvation.

2. Psalm 23 – It perfectly illustrates the Christian walk.

3. Revelation 5 – The scene in the throne room is a powerful reminder of the seriousness of reverence and respect for the Christ, the Word of God. He is the Messiah, and no one else could ever take his place.

4. John 14:1-6 – Jesus’ promise of power and peace is unforgettable.

5. Ephesians 2:11-22 – Unity is explained with precision and power.

6. Matthew 5-7 – Jesus shows how to live.

7. Romans 12:1-2 – We learn about the transformation of the Gospel

8. Psalm 119 – Respect for the Word of God is instilled in our hearts

9. Ezekiel 18 – A refutation of Calvinism and a masterful treatise on personal responsibility.

10. Acts 2 – It is the Kingdom Day

[Bonus] 11. Isaiah 59:1-2 – Understanding the devastation of Sin

Many more could be given, but these are very special to me.

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