The most important thing you write

This was my email to Forthright Magazine columnists today. It applies to all bloggers and online writers who seek to share the gospel.

So says a BBC site to journalists: “The most important thing you write online as a journalist is the headline.”

First, in journalism, it used to be, anyway, that editors wrote the headlines. Maybe that has changed.

But the idea is true for all of us as well.

People will click, or not, on your article depending on the headline. If it’s catchy, they’ll click. If it sounds dull, they’ll move on. Fact of life.

You can write the best article in the world, but if your headline is lousy (meaning, it doesn’t catch people’s attention), all you writing will be for naught.

Social media has taken the Internet by the throat. Your articles are shared on Facebook, on Twitter, and in other places as well. Most people who read your articles do so from social media, unfortunately. (I say, unfortunately, because people today are too lazy to sign up to a website.)

Bottom line: Spend some time thinking about your headline. Would you click on your article’s headline if you didn’t know what was in it?



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