An impressive number joined to memorize Scripture

The 100 Days of Scripture now has over 1,900 people signed up to Jon Warnes’s program on the Facebook events page. That’s an amazing number. On the email list, there are now 52 of us getting it by email, also a great number for so few days to be up and working.

Thanks to Richard H. for sending the emails to the latter site/list, which we’ve also set up to show up automatically here on TFR. Nifty, isn’t it?

Can we take the quick growth of this memorization program as a sign that people feel a need to know the Scriptures better? Obviously, it’s a testament also to the power of social media. And the latter fact bears some serious thought.

Sure, some people are joiners and will jump into anything with no real commitment. The church sees them all the time, too: they’re baptized and then never show up for meetings or disappear completely. But these yes-folk don’t negate the good signs we can see in this effort. I for one am greatly encouraged by it.

#bible-knowledge, #scripture-memorization