In a troubled world

sufferingYesterday, Sunday, we spent from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. with saints. First, the meeting in SJCampos. Then, lunch, as usual, with Jorge, Paula, and Daniel, our coworkers in Taubaté. Then, at 4 p.m., the Taubaté meeting. After that, we treated Daniel to Pizza Hut back in SJCampos, for his twelfth birthday. Enjoyed visiting with that family until they took to the highway back home in São Paulo.

They’re going on vacation this week and won’t return before we leave to visit our families. So it will be nearly a month before we see them again.

• Saturday we wound our way through the capital to pick up The Maiden coming in from youth camp, having served as a monitor for the first week, ages 7-10. Seems they got some rounders this time. Was overheard that more kids not connected to church went this session, so that may explain part of it. Though I’ve seen some rowdy church kids. Won’t say to whom they belonged.

• Our good brother Mike R. is asking for some help. Please read this post and the one he links to. Mike is worthy of help, because (1) he’s a faithful brother; (2) he has a real need; (3) he has done much writing for the gospel online, not to mention his ministry locally.

• In a study Bible an author started a sentence with this phrase, “In a troubled world, …” I wondered if there were any other kind of world. But that’s probably what he meant, “In a troubled world like ours.”

• I was given free online access to that study Bible through a Twitter representative of the publisher. I’m still grateful for that kindness.

• Oh, my FMag article for today, “No automatic doors to heaven.” I even mention Harry Potter. Sort of. Good night!

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