In English there are many options of Bib…

In English there are many options of Bibles on the Internet. One of my favorites is the NET Bible, a serious work that merits attention. In Portuguese, however, the story is different. Good online versions that can be manipulated (searched, researched, copied) are few. Sites often offer a PDF version, thinking, apparently, that such a format protects them somewhat from pirated copies.

The experience of the Baptist AVR version, which got widely copied in a corrupted form, while the publisher nearly went under because of other problems, evidently, may have scared Brazilian publishers. Who knows also if that cultural tendency toward a more pessimistic view of things and the more authoritarian approach to life may not have influenced the tightfistedness that keeps Portuguese versions off the Internet. It seems to be easier to find Catholic editions than Protestant offerings. The Brazilian equivalent of the ERV-NT is the only one by our brethren (see link above; though the WBTC is quickly turning evangelical).

One might well argue that such online stinginess actually encourages unauthorized reproduction. However that may be, the huge online cloud of Brazilian users waits for an offering similar to the NET Bible in Portuguese.

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