In his Daily Bread email today, Neal Pol…

In his Daily Bread email today, Neal Pollard described some of the people that Bear Valley campaigners met in their canvassing of an area near Denver:

In addition to the expected atheists, there were others you might not expect to be met. One man showed no interest in the creation seminar hosted by the Miller Street congregation because his gods were Thor and Oden. Before the students left, it so happened that the man’s high priest arrived. That apparently made for a memorable experience. Another couple of students met a woman who was a practicing Wiccan. She had black and white stones set up around the perimeter of her house, a superstition that was apparently designed to bring balance and stability to her home and life. Duality is an important element found throughout this neopagan religion. Another pair of student campaigners ran across a “Jewish Christian” whose beliefs must surely be unorthodox. He believes in reading Tarot cards as well as the idea of reincarnation. He also claimed to be able to read Aramaic through his “mind’s eye.”

Americans are not dealing with just denominationals anymore. As always, Christians must know the truth, the positive teachings of God, so that the may apply them to any departure or rejection of the divine knowledge.

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