In Mark, Jesus is man of action

Each one of the four gospel accounts takes a special angle, a unique perspective, of Jesus. The gospel of Mark presents him as the Man of God and as a man of action. Even when he speaks, things happen. So Mark becomes especially appropriate for the beginning of the year, in the midst of plans and ideas, when we need to be more active in our faith and in the work of God’s kingdom.

This is why the 2011 daily Bible reading (which starts today!) begins with the gospel of Mark. In the first chapter — today’s reading — Jesus appears already, submitting himself to the will of God, in his immersion, resisting Satan’s temptations for a period of 40 days, calls his first disciples, expels an unclean spirit, and cures individuals at home and among the multitude.

But in the midst of all his actions, he pauses for prayer, for time with his Father.

Neither does he permit his disciples or the crowd to capture him or hold him back from fulfilling his mission of preaching to all the cities. He moves forward, because he has a date with the Father’s plan.

Read Mark 1.

And let us ask ourselves: what action do I need to take today to put myself on the road to the will of God?