In the last three days in many of the em…

In the last three days in many of the emails I have received regarding the Massachusetts Senate race and why we must support pro-choice GOP candidate Scott Brown, I’ve never seen such stinkin’ thinkin’!

I’ve been told Scott Brown is more pro-life than Martha Coakley. If I am to understand this way of thinking then there are different levels of being pro-life. I hope someone will explain that one to me because I thought being pro-life was like being pregnant; you either are or you are not. It might just be me. But apparently you can be pro-life and still support killing babies with government funding if it is not elective surgery. If a doctor recommends an abortion because the mother’s life is in danger or because the father is a criminal, that mother has no choice but to chose an abortion.

I’ve asked many a Christian who has emailed me this weekend how are they going to explain their support for a pro-choice candidate to Jesus before the [judgment] Seat. Those emails were more disconcerting than the reasons for supporting Brown.

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