“In the Presence” OR “From the Presence”?

I’ve been chewing on this a while now and can’t figure it out. I’ve got something mixed-up somewhere. Perhaps one of you can enlighten me.

I’ve suggested before (per my understanding of 2 Thess 1:9) that perhaps the worst aspect of hell could be that the lost will be separated eternally FROM (i.e., away from) the presence of the Lord. I don’t believe we can fully fathom the notion of being separated from God’s goodness in an absolute sense as long as we are here on Earth where all humans (believers or not) continually reap God’s blessings in the material world (sunlight, rain, oxygen, food, etc.).

And then I come to Rev. 14:10 and am having difficulty reconciling the two verses. Both seem to be speaking about hell for the wicked. But, one teaches that it will be “IN the presence” of the Lord and the other seems to teach the opposite (“FROM the presence”).

This thought has occurred to me before when thinking about God’s omnipresence and my view on 2 Thess. 1:9. After Judgment Day, God will not be in “hell” in any sense, will He? Thus, those who reside there will be tormented “from” (away from) His presence (not “in” His presence), right?

Please help me with this if you can.

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