Injustice in the world

If things in the world worked as they ought, you’d not have Hillary running for president, nor Trump, for that matter. Yesterday’s FBI release (made on the Friday of a long holiday weekend, a political tactic) of the transcript of the interview with Hillary shows yet again her lying through the teeth. Even with her obvious lies, the FBI director decided there was no reason to prosecute. Anybody else would have been in prison long ago.

My point here isn’t a political statement, but a spiritual one.

Don’t expect justice in this world. It is easily perverted. It is often derailed. Worldly justice wears no blindfold. It is a respecter of persons, especially of those with money and power.

Those who look to political systems and secular governments for justice will soon be disappointed or will soon adopt the worldly view of justice—that everybody deserves it except those on my side.

Only God is wholly just and justifier of those who follow the gospel, Rm 3.26. Of the Lord Jesus Christ John says, “with justice he judges” Rv 19.11.

Yes, the Judge of all the earth will do right. And only he will do so.