Inspiration and squeamishness

Fixed a problem on the FMag site, with blank space at the top. Thanks to Eddie Watkins of Preachers Files for his guidance.

• Have been sending out a lot of invites to Facebook pages for FPress, Quick Bible Truths, my author page, and others. You’ve probably been invited. Or will be. Hurry over and “Like” them now before you get the invite.

• Inspiration (that humanly debatable kind, not the unquestionably divine stamp on Scripture) struck in the midst of reassembling our Brazilian life: a blog post giving my take on SCOTUS’s support for ObamaCare, a travel tip and missions option for booking airfare, two items (by others) to BNc, most notably, a book review of an impressive conversion story.

• Then, there were the usual FB posts, comments, a QBT on God’s Wrath, and not a few likes, tweets, recommendations, and other signs of mental life.

• Now to get back to writing the Daily Bible Devotionals. That remains.

• The Missus and I interrupted a movie tonight. I’m squeamish about certain things, and this dealt with one of those.

• Some things I’m not squeamish about (speaking vaguely, for obvious reasons), but I seldom talk about them to avoid offending others’ sensibilities. Other things I belabor, and people probably think I ought to be squeamish, or more guarded, about them. This is probably not making sense, so let’s move on.

• If anybody finds a digital voice recorder out there, it’s probably mine. Unless it’s hidden in some of our stuff still. I hope I didn’t leave it behind. Like I did my cap, Father’s Day gift. That was cool.

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