Integrity of faith

The website gives no indication of location nor are there any pointers of belief, but the whole article from which this excerpt is taken elicits an amen from this corner of the world.

Christianity invades every aspect of the life of a true believer.  We cannot separate our Christianity from our politics, our career, our family, our parenting, our education, or any aspect of our lives.  To do so in my opinion is to deny the faith which we profess to hold to.

Scripture instructs us to fear the Lord, keep his commands, and not support those who do otherwise, lest we be just as guilty of committing sin ourselves (Romans 1:32).  We are not afforded the liberty of making judgments or even decisions outside of the context of our beliefs which must be consistent with God’s commands, the Holy Scriptures, and the doctrines of faith once for delivered to the saints.

The whole article merits attention considering the general opinion that Christianity, or, better, the lack of it, has nothing to say about a person’s performance in other areas.